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HRG-HCWY Company Profile

Make a warm and interesting robot

HRG Robot Group (Harbin) Cheerbb Culture Development Co., Ltd. was jointly established by HRG Robot Group and Cheerbb Cultural Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It mainly engages in pan-entertainment robots and scene development, owns the latest technical information in the robotics industry of USA, Germany, Korea and Japan etc.
Our main businesses include: the topic space robot solutions (providing robot amusement parks, museums, restaurants and other products and design), the robot stage shows (offering a variety of entertaining and performing robots). And we are committed to building the first robot "4S" shop worldwide, and establishing a platform to develop and apply scenarios of entertainment robots. Now, we have manufactured the following robots: LO HAN、bartender arm, cold drinks arm, police balance cars etc.
Scenarios Application Projects: radish robot themed buffet restaurant and China Hong Kong seafood buffet restaurant etc. R & D Projects: NAO function development, PEPPER function development and so on.
Gather high-end talents in robotics, create high-quality robot products! Now, our R & D team includes: 15 engineers with years of experience in large-scale projects and master degrees. Design teams: Visiting Professor at Newcastle University (Australia), project manager of Shanghai Disneyland Fantasyland and Mickey Avenue, and other returnees, more than seven designers in total. We are willing enough to cooperate with people from all walks of life in robots applicable scenarios development projects, to usher in the 2025 Made in China, and seek common development!

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