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About Cheerbb

Cheerbb is concentrating on the latent development of children’s talents. Centered on Multiple Intelligence Theory, we help parents find and nurture the talent of their children thus driving the reform of educational concept by using Multiple Intelligence Theory. We are committed to develop the children’s lifelong wellbeing capacity!


How to make children happy to do what they like and what they specialize in? That is the topic issue Cheerbbers are studying all along. Since the introduction of Harvard University's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 2010, the research ‘the Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Family Education’ has been established in Chinese Society of Education, Beijing Institute of Education. Besides, the crosswise issues of development of children have been set up in East China Normal University and other well-known colleges and universities. In 2016, combined with quintessence of eastern and western culture, we found the crosswise project of development of children in partnerships with East China Normal University. We built the n+1 education system of latent talents with 6 major courses by immersion teaching method. This aims to create the all-around environment of growth.


Cheerbb is operating across the border of education, science & Technology and recreation. A number of subsidiaries and children's center are set under cheerbb’s headquarters. The products include: Cheerbb’s Smart-play Center of children, cheerbb’s ‘N + 1’ Talent Education Courses, robots theme parks, Cheerbb’s educational toys, Haha-joy robots, children space’s plan & design of kindergartens and etc...


Cheerbbers propose that talent is gained by play and consider ‘love’ and ‘play’ as the corporative culture. To be oriented from love, we play out talents, play within industry and play for dream! We dream to do the big-love cause with more great loving people. From this, we can create the ‘play-learn-buy’ healthy ecosystem of children’s growth!

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